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Psychic Communications offers programs for personal growth,  product development, sales and marketing, artistic design, event planning, public relations, legal cases, education facilities, media and film, and project management. 


Schedule our monthly program that allows up to 24-hour access to intuitive consulting designed to help clients manage stress, strategize goals, and develop corporate communications.  Phone: (718) 981-2259 to schedule a session.


Psychic and Intuitive Consulting is used by professionals for personal empowerment and major Fortune 500 companies to create products and services that enhance productivity.


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Personal Readings 

Use psychic and intuitive consulting for personal expansion and life goals.  

Psychic and Intuitive consulting for personal expansion can help assist and support clients with life purpose initiatives, career transitions, relationship empowerment, and creative or business enterprises.


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Media and Communications

Formulate, revise, and develop original concepts, scripts, production ideas and more!

The media and communications industry can benefit from psychic consulting as it affords new growth, staff management, and effective decision making for media promotion, casting, film and television production, writing and script development.

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Marketing and Promotion

Learn new ways to plan events and target market products and services. 

Psychic and Intuitive consulting help individuals, small businesses, LLC's, and corporations target market products and services.  Our innovative style also assists teams in event planning, public relations, brainstorming, and community service projects.

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Business Planning and Project Management

Engage and execute projects with more definition and dimension.   

Psychic and Intuitive consulting expands business options, engages employees with optimal intuitive training programs, and presents new ways to enhance project development.


Personalized Communication Style

We work with all professions and levels of management including CEO'S, CFO's, Presidents, and Vice Presidents, leaders, scientists, educators, and artists to strategize and develop the best solutions for today's personal or corporate decisions.  We provide thorough and comprehensive feedback to help clients formulate goals, manage events, and develop business plans with progressive solutions that work and go beyond the normal scope of direction.  

Private Consulting Sessions

Psychic and Intuitive Consulting uses Universal Intelligence to support and assist individuals and corporations with decision-making and project management.  Albert Einstein even said, "The only real valuable thing is intuition."  Workplaces are shifting from task-oriented environments to more complex problem-solving environments and need progressive approaches to maximizing revenue, marketing products, and strengthening corporate communications worldwide. 

Learn what Psychic and Intuitive Consulting can do for you by phoning (718) 981-2259 or (347) 662-0865.

Speaking Engagements and Corporate Workshops

Psychic Communications offers comprehensive workshops and lectures designed to help staff and audiences understand the power of intuition in business management.   Intuitive knowledge in personal and corporate decision making is a key function in today's market place.  Intuition is the leading resource in product development, engineering, design, communications, problem solving, and decision making.  Schedule a corporate training program that empowers mind, body, and intuitive power today.                


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Hiring and Promotion Decisions

Use intuitive consulting to create better communication with staff and place strong workers in key positions.    

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Fundraising and Community

Consult with us to work with fundraising programs, events, and community connections.

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Legal Negotiations

Are legal issues affecting your business?  Use intuitive consulting strategies to help with case management.  

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Science and Technology

Intuitive consulting strategizes trends in science and technology.  Learn new ways to expand invention ideas in medicine and in science.

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Marketing and Promotion

Intuitive Consulting offers programs for event planning, social media,  product branding, and target marketing.

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Trend Setting

Learn ways intuitive consulting can help promote future trends in the fashion, music, and communcations industry.

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Personal Development

Intuitive consulting can help you promote life strategies for successful living.   Learn new ways to manage stress, transitions, and relationships.

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Project Management

Learn strategies with intuitive planning that can help you manage time, money, and project implementation more easily.




Louisa Mastromarino, M.S.,C.H., is the CEO of Psychic Communications, a division of Holistic Consortium, and is a certified intuitive consultant and counselor educator.  She is a leading intuitive consultant in her field and has helped a broad range of clients from CEO's, business professionals, doctors and lawyers discover progressive and strategic ways to expand personal and business objectives and solidify corporate goals.

Louisa has spent over 15 years in the education field as an academic administrator with specialization in educational programming,  learning trends, and leadership styles.   Louisa is credentialed as a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, certified counselor educator, certified clinical hypnotherapist, certified medium, and certified intuitive consultant with broad-based community experience in intuitive development training for personal and business platforms.

Louisa is also certified through the Natural Therapies Certification Board as a stress management specialist, pain management specialist, and bioenergetics specialist   She has been featured on television and in the nationally renowned publication Careers from the Kitchen Table.





Phone: (718) 981-2259 to order a service below:


  • Personalized consultations - $300 per hour / $150 per half hour.
  • Monthly retainer programs including 24-hour access - $8,000 per month.
  • Corporate Training Programs - Beginner to Advanced Skills - Call for pricing/scheduling.
  • Corporate, Television, & Education Speaking Engagements - Call for pricing/scheduling.





Teleconference programs offered worldwide.  In-person programs in New York, New York and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by appointment.  Thank you.